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One of the best known resorts on Lake Garda, Sirmione is located at the far end of a long, narrow peninsula located at the southern part of Lake Garda. The narrow winding lanes in the romantic old town are packed with life, especially at weekends when the place is enjoyed by locals on a weekend-outing as well as tourists from all parts of the world. 
The entrance to the centre is dominated by the Rocca Scaligera, an impressive castle with its walls partly submerged into the Lake. The ruins of one of the largest Roman villas, the "Grotte di Catullo" can be admired at the top end of the peninsula. During the day the panoramic view of the Lake is most impressive. At night the sea of lights from the villages and surrounding towns on the Lake is a delight. Dating back from Roman times, Sirmione was known as a health resort. The sulphur springs, which are said to help ailments such as rheumatism and breathing difficulties, come out of the ground of the Lake just next to the peninsular.
You can reach Sirmione by car from Milan Bergamo airport in less than an hour and Verona airport is just a 30 minute drive away.
Don't miss...
* A walk inside the Rocca Scaligere and enjoy the spectacular views over the lake 
* Treat yourself to a late night relaxation at the Aquaria Thermal Spa - open until midnight on selected days 
* Head to Jamaica Beach which is located at the very tip of Sirmione